Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh Grandpa, Where Did You Disappear To???

So, in a nutshell, Grandpa Canty married my Grandma, Fannie Billlings Enos, had three children and disappeared.  I have no pictures of him and those who might have known him are no longer living.  Searching for Grandpa has turned into a bit of a mystery to me.  So, piece by piece, I have worked my way backwards and think I can tell the story of his early life and hopefully I will someday find the pieces which explain where he disappeared to and what happened to him in his later life.

The LAST piece of physical evidence I have found through my search is from a World War I Draft Registration Card, dated 12 Sep 1918.  Grandpa had made his way back to Georgia and was working as a salesman for the Globe Medicine Co.  He was living in Clyo, Effington, Georgia.  Through again my friend the Census Report, I found that his brother Willie Canty lived in this area.  I deduce from this that Grandpa ended up living with his brother.  The trail grows cold there.  I cannot find him in any Census Report for 1920 or 1930.  I could conclude that he passed away, but I cannot find any report of his death, either.

As I share his story, I will lay out what I do know and work backwards to his birth in approximately 1887 plus or minus depending on which report one is looking at.  It is fascinating, like putting together a puzzle, to read what the Census Reports have to say.  They tell a definite story.

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