Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another clue! .... Another QUESTION!!!!

A big thank you to Georgia Tim ("My Georgia Roots") for the mention in his blog of GEORGIA'S VIRTUAL VAULT as I found the death certificate of Grandpa CANTY's sister Jenny.  All I had before this was the name Jenny CANTY but over the months of searching I found out that she had married and became Jenny BEARD.  Her husband passed away, she re-married, and her actual name was VIRGINIA PAULINE CANTY BEARD HUMPHREY. 

Listed on the death certificate was her (and Grandpa's) mother and father's names and places of birth.  Before this I knew that Great Grandpa's name was James A. CANTY.  On the death certificate he was listed as Alex CANTY.  Evidently he went by his middle name which I know now is Alex or probably Alexander.  Great Grandma's name in the census was listed as Sally.  On the death certificate her name is listed as Elizabeth DOWGIER.  So, was it Sally Elizabeth, Elizabeth Sally?  I'm not sure about the correctness of the DOWGIER part either.

Of course, Great Aunt Jenny didn't fill out her own death certificate.  Obviously another family member did.  So the spellings are probably off in a couple of items.  For example, James Alex CANTY is said to have been born in South Carolina.  In handwriting "S.C." was written and later someone typed in "St. Sincath Island."  So far I can find absolutely nothing with that name.  I also can't find anything on the "DOWGIER" name. 

So......I continue now with these new clues digging up information.  It seems like I am getting away from finding what happened to Grandpa CANTY.  However, I am getting closer to learning about his (and my) ancestors.  And that's a good thing!