Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mama had a sister, Leona CANTY LAMBERT

My Mama's sister was Grandpa CANTY's first-born child.  In my search for Grandpa CANTY, I have looked into the family of her younger brother, Harold Walter CANTY, and I have chased down relatives of her half-sister Anna Barbara DURR, but I still have yet to find anyone with information on Grandpa CANTY. 

Don't think that if you look information up one time that it will never appear.  More and more information is being downloaded and transcribed and made available.  I recently found information on Aunt Leona's daughter, Verna LAMBERT.  Verna would have been my first cousin.  I have one photo of cousin Verna and it just so happens she is with my very own Mama! Unfortunately, the information I obtained was in an obituary, and I was saddened  to learn she had passed away in 2004.  However, in the obituary I learned that Cousin Verna had a brother (didn't know that one), three sons and a daughter.  She died in Texas.

My next step will be trying to make contact with one of her children, my first cousin's, once removed?  I think that's right although correct me if I'm wrong. :) Stay tuned...

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