Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Date of Death

Rejoined Ancestry and found an updated Family Tree from another Canty Cousin and low and behold was a date and place of death.  9 Nov 41 in Beaufort, South Carolina.  There were no records to back this up but I'm hoping with an actual place and date I can send for a certificate.  I feel like I am closer to this grandfather than the ones I had more information about to start with.  I have searched, and turned over stones, and been to many many genealogy classes and I feel I now understand the story of his life.  I'll never know why he left his original family but I suspect he was homesick for the South.  A long history of calling the Low Country home.  On the other hand, my Grandma Fanny had an even longer relationship to the North.  Of course, there is more to this than we'll ever know, but I feel like I have graduated from the child who lost her mother at 5 years of age and knew very little about her and the extended family, to a woman who knows more than even her mother did about this family.  It is a special time we live in to have these answers at our finger tips.  I feel at peace and I am glad to share this story with my sons and their family.

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