Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Quest and Finding Answers

Wow, has it been this long since I've updated my Quest for the Canty family?  Amazing.  It is also amazing the answers I have found since I last checked in.  Yes, I can confirm that my Great Grandfather James Alex CANTY was born on St. Catherine's Island.  It took a while to get from "St. Sincath" to St. Catherine's but I did arrive.  Evidently Great Grandpa was born on this island back in the 1860 era while his father Thomas H CANTEY (the spelling goes back and forth) was working as an overseer on a plantation owned by Jacob Waldburg, a man with 255 slaves.  I was shocked to learn this and dismayed.  I am curious to find out more and will continue to search the facts.  Isn't it interesting how history becomes so personal when family connections bring it alive?

In my quest for Grandpa Canty, I have found answers as well.  The last information was that he lived in Clyo GA and then I lost him.  However, it turns out he remarried and moved to Savannah, GA.  Lost him again around 1930 which I think is more than likely when he passed away.  I am going to try to get a death certificate.

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