Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cold Case: New Clues

It was just a few weeks ago that I sent a letter - snail mail style - to a first cousin (once removed) that I had never met or corresponded with before.  Being the impatient type it didn't look like I would hear back since it wasn't immediately forthcoming.  Shows me!!

My new cousin Dave had sent the letter on to my other new cousin (his older sister) Linda.  Well, Linda answered him and then he answered me - this time by e-mail (my favorite kind of mail). 

Linda had some information which was new to me and included the word DIVORCE.  According to Linda's late mother (my first cousin), Grandma Fannie and Grandpa Canty got divorced.   This was in the early 1900's!  Previously - from another source - Grandma Fannie was referred to as 'The Black Widow" since all of her husbands had died.  I had never really considered that there had been a divorce. 

So... a new avenue to approach.  It still looks like snail mail will be involved as I will have to sit down and write a check and send a letter to the courts to get some definitive answers.   Nevertheless, I have learned that there are always new clues to be found if one is PATIENT. 

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  1. I really can relate to the impatience thing. I think we've been sort of spoiled by the speed of technology. But then, sometimes I just yearn for the days when you could be unavailable and answer people when you got around to it.